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Size freedom is here.

At Morii, we reject outdated sizing standards and cuts. Our clothing should be made to fit us, not the other way around. We customize our bespoke, handmade jeans to your exact measurements and design specifications, including jean fit, denim wash, detailing, and accessories.

Designed by you.

If we’re making the pair completely for you, we want you to have a say in how it looks! You can completely customize your jeans, from fit to denim color to flair.

Zero inventory. Zero waste.

One of the most wasteful practices? Mass pre-ordering for seasons.

Fashion is responsible for billions of tons of textiles ending up in landfills every year. Morii’s manufacturing process only makes a pair of jeans the moment an order is placed.

We don’t mass-order, and we don’t hold jeans inventory.

Committed to Quality + Sustainability

Looking this good doesn’t need to harm the environment. 

We source high quality denim and our eco-friendly manufacturing partners pay their craftspeople a fair living wage.


Stan & Erin Rector

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Stan Rector

CEO & Co-Founder of Morii Jeans, Erin’s husband

Major Jean Complaint:
Having to go up a size because jeans that don’t fit over his thighs, Baggy Waistbands, Returning online orders that don’t fit.

Why he loves Morii:
“Growing up, jeans always drove me crazy. Sizing never worked for me. I could find a jean cut that fit my waist size, but I have muscular thighs, so they never fit. I’d always have to go a size up, but then the jeans would sag. With Morii, I know jeans will be made to my measurements, so I don’t have to wonder whether they will fit me.”

Erin Rector

Co-Founder of Morii Jeans, Stan’s wife

Major Jean Complaint:
Jean sizes that randomly start at 0 and make no sense, unsustainably-produced jeans

Why she loves Morii:
“There are no sizes with Morii Jeans - they’re made to fit your measurements, so there’s no shame about trying to fit into these weird size 0, etc! Also, they’re made to order, so we don’t carry inventory. We wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be any jeans sitting unpurchased somewhere in a warehouse, or ending up rotting away in a landfill.”

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