The secret to looking successful

Imagine, if you will, that you’re walking downtown in New York City and have lost your way (honestly, not difficult to do). You need to ask for directions. In front of you are two people:

  1. The first is a gentleman wearing old white sneakers with holes in them, worn and baggy sweatpants, an oversized t-shirt that says “I love Unicorns”, scruffy hair and a grumpy look on his face.
  2. The second is a gentleman wearing polished black dress shoes, perfectly-fitted jeans, a stylish dress shirt, a well-styled hairdo and a happy, confident smile on his face.

Now, be honest with yourself… who would you choose?

If you chose Person #2, you’d be in the vast majority. Unfortunately, the “I Love Unicorns” t-shirt guy is a famous artist who draws all the tourist maps for New York City and would have been the perfect person to ask.

First impressions cause us to make assumptions about other people. Many of our first impressions come from the clothing we see others wearing. These impressions dictate our lives, from the cliques we form in our elementary days through our lives as adults.

This is nothing to feel bad about - this is actually human nature. Several case studies have been performed on clothing bias. In one particularly interesting study, researchers photographed a man in two different suits, one baggy and one tailored, then cropped out the man’s face. They showed the two photos to hundreds of people, asking for their impressions. Nearly all chose the fitted suit as the man who was more successful, powerful, and earned a higher salary.

If we take that result a step further, you might say this person who was perceived as being more successful would actually be given more chances to be successful. This means a higher likelihood of dates, more friends, and better job opportunities and promotions. In essence, think of clothing not just as something that you wear, but your toolkit to get what you want in life.

So how do we “dress for success” -- or rather, how do we dress so that we are perceived by others as being more successful?

Two suited men side by side. One's suit fits well, one is really baggy.
Clearly, as the case study shows, it’s not only in buying the right clothes, but in how they fit. This is because clothing fit determines comfort, and comfort can have a huge impact on how you carry yourself throughout the day.

As Hollywood stylist Leesa Evans advised: "I don't know anyone, or any celebrity I've ever dressed, where the outfit was more important than how the person felt in that outfit. It just doesn't work. You can take the best looking person ever and if they don't feel good... it shows all over their face.​" That is to say -- you can be the most gorgeous person in Hollywood, but if you are wearing jeans a size too small and they are squeezing the life out of your thighs, maintaining a confident, pleasant smile on your face all day will be a challenge.

By dressing well and picking clothes that are well-fitted, you feel more confident, attractive, and happy. People can feel that confidence radiating off of you, whether you’re impressing dates, co-workers, or a random, lost person stopping to ask you for directions on the streets of New York. You are, quite literally, dressed for success.

At Morii Jeans, we know how important it is to feel good about ourselves and what we wear. Our goal is to help you match with the perfect pair of custom-fitted jeans, because looking good is feeling good. And feeling good is the secret to appearing more successful.

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