Ever wonder why you're a 6 at one store, but an 8 at another? Here's why

Did you know that clothing sizes were actually non-existent before the 19th century? Before then, either you had a tailor make your clothes or you sewed them yourself. 
Clothing sizes only evolved after World War 2, when the economy was good, and retailers wanted a way to mass-produce clothing.15,000 people were selected for a sizing test, and the modern “standardized” sizing chart we have today came from the average measurements of those 15,000 people.
Over the last 70 years, there have been small modifications to the chart - especially as our body sizes and shapes have become more diverse. 
In the 2000s "Vanity Sizing" was introduced — just to make things more confusing. Ever wonder why at some brands you are a size 4, and others a size 6 or 8? This is because brands did extensive testing on the psychology of purchasing habits, and realized that customers are more likely to purchase if you slip into a smaller size. Some brands have been known to push this concept to the extreme. So, when you try on something from a brand that does not practice these techniques, you feel down on yourself because none of their size 2s will fit your body.
The fashion industry’s insistence on Vanity Sizing has created a roller coaster of emotions for consumers, and encouraged generations of body image issues. On top of this mis-sizing issue, many major fashion designers refuse to design clothes for a diverse set of body types and sizes. Unfortunately, this means that the resulting clothes only fit and flatter a small percentage of the population. This choice to consciously ignore body diversity in clothing cut and design — and the choice to use non-diverse models to promote these clothing lines — often leaves people to wonder what is wrong with their own perfectly normal body size or shape.
At Morii Jeans we plan to take things back to a simpler time, when clothing was made to fit your individual measurements. No more being excluded from certain brands because your legs are shaped a certain way. No more trying on 10 items of clothing to fit (sort of) into 1. At Morii, we believe clothing is meant to fit your body, not the other way around. Join our movement to a Size Free tomorrow.

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